2009-11-08 14:35:28
Gairės nemokami skelbimai

2014-04-08 07:05:02
sako:Renata, jei vaikas vsktya į užsienio valstybę su lydinčiu asmeniu, kartu su asmens tapatybę patvirtinančiu dokumentu pasienio kontrolės punkto pareigūnams turi būti pateikiamas bent vieno iš vaiko tėvų arba globėjo (rūpintojo) rašytinis sutikimas, kad vaikas vyktų su jį lydinčiu asmeniu, ir šio sutikimo kopija. Sutikime parašo tikrumas turi būti paliudytas notaro arba Lietuvos Respublikos diplomatinės atstovybės ar konsulinės įstaigos pareigūno, arba seniūno.
2014-04-09 00:34:00
Hi Mary Ellen,That is so special to hear that you and your<a href=""> stesir</a> spend your birthday together! My brother isn't involved in dog shows so if my birthday lands on a dog show weekend, which it has for the past few years, but much less when we were younger, we don't get to spend that particular day together, but we always make sure to celebrate asap. Thanks for your comment, and support! So great to hear from you, hopefully one day we can meet in person! (:
2014-04-09 06:07:40
Wow, Kayla, I'm a twin and can't imagine not spennidg my birthday (even now in my late 40s) with my twin sister. But we have always done that, so we never had the early experience that you had where maybe your brother didn't go to all the shows with you and your mom?!?How nice to have only been shooting pictures at this show and not been as busy with showing, etc.BTW, I'm one of Susan Chaney's sisters!Take care, Mary Ellen [url=]tdyiuib[/url] [link=]yvggatw[/link]
2014-04-10 09:06:44
My dear photographer and fiernd this work is AMAZING! I'm so so glad we took you with us! It was the best decision!Thanks for been so detailed and for making of these memories, the best ones ever.We love you (and your assistant! Besitos en el corazf3n:JC & Lei [url=]iijjwlw[/url] [link=]vyfpsjqcd[/link]

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