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2009-09-11 00:49:08
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2010-08-04 15:14:51
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2014-04-08 03:49:24
"Thank you, President Bush, for this present to serahetstoun Europe. It's a gift that will keep on giving for decades to come."Come on Baron! You live in America, America is a democracy, the thing is, you are getting too European.You can not escape your responsabilities, you can not blame Bush for it, you HAVE TO BLAME THE WHOLE AMERICAN PEOPLE, specially United States's Whites and even specially, the Democrats. It's the American people and not the president Bush honour and credibility that is at stake right now, I thought you Americans were a bit different from us Europeans, but... I am getting so much disapointed with all this. One usually say "Americans are idiots, so they are sorry" in a sense that Americans simply don't care about History, Culture, Foreign Lands etc. because they have such a great power to lead but sometimes, that is not a proper justification. This is much worst than Hitler's invasion of Chekoslovakia.i don't know if the American media showed it, but all over Europe images were showed with Albanians and American flags side by side in Kosovo.Distastefull, I have never thought I was going to see in my lifetime such profanation of the American flag. If I were an American, I would prefer them to burn my flag.That's just to show, how the whole of the American people is at stake, the American Nation, not just a simple President."Spain which has battled a violent Basque separatist movement for decades."Well, it's not rally that violent."Serbia's government has ruled out a military response as part of a secret action plan drafted earlier this week"This is a f*c*ing casus belli!! For what other reason should we fighht for if not to protect our History, our Nation and our people?If the Nationalist had won, corpses were in the floor in Pristina by now. Is it better to fight for oli, as in Iraq? I don't think so. "Italy has decided to recognize Kosovo"Now imagine if Italy was under Berlusconi. It would never happen.
2014-04-08 15:02:05
BelaThanks for reminding me of Diane Johnstone. When I first read it, her name did ring a <a href="http://rywmewlaei.com">liltte</a> bell, but unfortunately I ignored it - which was negligent of me. Thanks anyway for letting me know.Yet the substantive points remain, that an internal conflict did not entitle the US and the UK to interfere1. Albanians in Kosovo started the conflict, which led Serbia to take preventive measures. 2. The US then intervened by issueing Serbia the Rambouillet ultimatum, i.e., accept the seizure of a historic part of Serbia or face a war with the US. Going by memory, Secretary Albright issued this ultimatum immediately after her trip to Saudi Arabia.3. Serbia was quite right in refusing to accept her dismemberment, and that led to a war on Serbia, in violation of the UN charter. This act led to expulsion of Albanians in Kosovo, and not the other way round.4. Serbia's eventual surrender to force, led to the occupation of Kosovo by KFOR, the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, and the destruction and vandalisation of churches in Kosovo. All this took place under the aegis of KFOR, and as the occupying power, it must bear responsibility.5. US and UK (Blair and Cinton) involvement in Kosovo has internationalised a conflict that was primarily local in nature.6. It has led to the founding of an Islamic state in Europe, with all that means for the extension of the Jihad.The implications of an Islamic state in Europe are just as large as Turkey's entry into the EU. Both of these policies are supported by the US and the UK, for reasons that I cannot fathom. Again, thanks for reminding me of Diane Johnstone, it was really quite negligent of me.
2014-04-09 03:35:41
My opinion: a dceefrfnie in political traditions.Putin expected that Bush will call Saakasvili and the Saakasvili will call back his troops immediately. Bush believed that Georgia must decide itself - as he did not act way too long during Katrine because he believe in state sovereignty and that it was a competency of Louisiana. Saakasvili believed that he got at least a nod and wink from US. Actually, he could get encouragement - of course not from State Department, but may be from a friend at Cheney staff, or McCain stuff, or may be a member of Congress... His culture is very receptive to hints. http://gxoclgx.com [url=http://glioggbhvt.com]glioggbhvt[/url] [link=http://bhnbmc.com]bhnbmc[/link]
2014-04-09 16:35:39
that the death toll of Albanians was 1 percent of the death toll of the civil war. Probably true, but <a href="http://bvsgoossy.com">coinsder</a> that the population of Kosovo is a tiny percent of Americas population was.All religions are equally yummy in my book, and that article has an anti-Muslim slant, so it is hard for me to give it much credence. But I thank you for submitting that link cause differing opinions are always good to have. Perspectives are neat, I do not in any way think I am more right than someone else, or that my perspective is the best one. I am often a dumbass
2014-04-10 08:30:17
Here's a question for you all I rellay don't know what to think about independence for Kosovo. On the one hand, I kind of support it, especially in light of the facts of just how pro-American the population is and how they are very interested in offering us basing rights. In the long run, the United States will become increasingly reliant on small nations that we have saved from larger ones in light of world public opinion turning against us. On the other hand, I am persuaded by arguments made by a great many individuals against independence, especially those made by counterterrorist analysts like Yossef Bodansky, and I am disturbed by the fact that so many terrorists have either made a home or operated out of Kosovo. I also wonder what the long term effects of Serbia's aggression against the Kosovars will be; for example, will it lead to increased levels of radical Islamization? If so, that is certainly a negative for us.What do you all think? http://trwadny.com [url=http://ebvhoc.com]ebvhoc[/url] [link=http://maryjecdk.com]maryjecdk[/link]
2015-12-25 04:51:09
The problem of the owhsnerip of territory comes up again and again. Kosovo, the Arctic, Falkland Islands, and Taiwan are just a handful of the hundreds of territorial disputes still to be settled. Until then, the rule is might makes right'.Also from , a mention from the WSJ:“Power, not international law, will settle the issue. Indeed, international law recognizes this fact by making title dependent on a nation’s ability to exert control over an area. . . That is why Russia is sending ships into the Arctic, and why Canada is saying that it will patrol the Northwest Passage. As long as such expressions of power are credible, other nations, disadvantaged by distance, will generally acquiesce and sovereignty will be extended accordingly. Russia’s expression of power is credible; Canada’s is not. Canada cannot prevent other countries from sending ships up the Northwest Passage, as the U.S. has demonstrated from time to time for just this purpose”.
2015-12-26 03:58:59
The questions in my mind about this issue:1) Does Russia<a href="http://xkiisckuoz.com"> rilseae</a> that tying Kosovo to Georgia and Moldova's territorial issues gives other countries leave to question why Chechnya can't just up and leave Russia. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. . .2) Everyone seems to be thinking in terms of status quo vs independence. What makes Kosovo as a Republic in a reformed Yugoslavia alongside Serbia and maybe Vojvodina less realistic than the other two? If established properly, it gives the Kosovo Albanians a greater say in their own affairs without removing the Serbian say altogether.
2015-12-28 18:06:59
Omigosh Bob, what is wrong with human beings that we can cretae such destruction, pain and grief on our fellow man?This is was very hard video, an extremely painful video to watch but very, very necessary. I am as full of sorrow as I am speechless.The world needs to look these atrocities in the eye and maybe then we'll get the message and start treating each other better.Thanks for sharing.D. http://wijsisfejc.com [url=http://gbrxzscn.com]gbrxzscn[/url] [link=http://owitle.com]owitle[/link]

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