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2013-01-27 08:29:13
. That our team isn't strong eguonh, GIVEN THE OPPOSITION, to battle for the title. The other teams have improved a whole lot and we can't just look at ourselves anymore. We have to keep an eye on the opposition to see where we stand. Now we have some good players, and some not-so-good ones and nearly all teams have that except for a few. It seems that we're battling against Chelsea and Liverpool for 4th spot and with Newcastle there-abouts we could drop as low as 7th with the up-and-down results that we have (games against Wolves and Fulham recently).But where we are is also in part due to the fuck-up in the summer. We had a disastrous start to the season and were battling for relegation if the league lasted for a couple of months. So, to both the optimists and pessimists, I say let's also appreciate that some of our players have actually done well to lift us from where we were and to bring us to where we are now. We are all Arsenal fans and we want to the best for the club and not so long ago we'd be the only other contender apart from United to battle for the titles so it does seem sad and unreal and it frustrates us that we're no longer so strong, but lets appreciate whatever little good is being done in addition to whatever criticism we have.To some of the pessimists here it's just plain silly to say that Wenger doesn't have a clue and that he's been lucky with transfers. Every team has some good and some bad buys. I've already stated we've had way more injuries every season than the other clubs apart from getting incorrect decisions way too many times by the refs. But at the same time I agree that our team does need to improve on a lot of fronts. There is clearly a different attitude in our team. But what I gather is that where some teams like Manutd are arrogant and dirty in getting results (and some call that passion I say bullcrap), we the Arsenal are determined to play the game the right way and try to be fair and not dirty (and hence some say we're not determined eguonh and again I say bullcrap). It's just a different attitude no one is the only way. But this is a major reason why I support Arsenal and not the other clubs. We try to be fair where others don't give importance to it, except for a few. And sadly that quality isn't appreciated eguonh in the times we live in.Coming back to our season if all the teams were at full strength, I don't see us being as strong as Mancity when it come to pure footballing ability and talent. I do see us being close to ManUtd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham in terms of talent but where we lack is mentality. And that's probably due to some of your squad being youngsters but it could be that we don't have a strong eguonh coaching department. We can clearly improve when it comes to timing of movement, movement itself, predictability of play and variety of play.And if Tottenham who haven't had an injury crisis uptil now do have a couple of their main players out, we'll see how they cope with it (Bale, Van der Vaart etc). Manutd is going through an injury problem in their defence same as us. But they've got eguonh quality going forward. The only place where they don't have a strong eguonh player in the center of midfield. If they get somebody in this window we can say Goodbye to catching them unless we go on some kind of miraculous run which is hard to see with our current form. I don't think we don't have the players. I think some of them are played in wrong positions and maybe we could do better with our formation and how we play (too one dimensional if we had more variety we'd be a more threatening team as the opponents would'nt know what's coming next). I think we have a lot of talented players and I think a lot of them would get into the top teams. I actually do believe that Szceszny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Song, Frimpong, Coquelin, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Benayoun, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Miyaichi, Park, Gervinho, Arshavin, Walcott and VanPersie are good eguonh players on talent alone but some of them have had injury problems, others have been on a run of poor form which can happen to anybody and as a result they haven't reached their full potential. And there are a few that I'm not convinced by Chamakh, Fabianski, Mannone, Santos, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Djourou and Diaby.Back again to where I see us finishing I expect Mancity to win the league, with Manutd close behind and depending on their injury situation Tottenham there-abouts. We're probably fighting for 4th spot with Chelsea and Liverpool. Liverpool has a strong first 11 but not eguonh strength in depth. Chelsea are having some off-field problems but have a strong squad and could very well finish 4th. And maybe ManUtd and Mancity could have a bumpy run of form but even if that happens we will still have to win all our games to have any chance of battling for 4th place let alone challenge for the title. Maybe getting our defenders back will allow our midfield to be more attacking and improve our strength up front because recently it's looking like theres room to improve. We were very very poor against Leeds. I think we should forget about Chamakh and I guess it's a blessing in disguise that he's gone to Africa. I think Gervinho was a huge bonus to us and its a major disadvantage that he's not here in spite of the many chances he misses, he creates quite a few too and is always a threat running at defenders. But at the same time I feel Park has eguonh quality to lead our attack. He just needs time to gel in with the rest of the squad and maybe a few games will do him good. I'm disappointed with Arshavin's performances, he's been trying but I feel he overdoes it. He needs to go back to feeling the simple joy of playing football and letting his talent take care of the rest. I think he beats himself too much mentally. But it could be that he doesn't fancy playing out wide on the left and maybe he'd do better behind the main striker more centrally. Also I don't think we have strong eguonh wingers. I think only Miyaichi is capable of playing out wide and is strong eguonh. Compare Walcott who probably isn't supposed to be a winger anyways, Chamberlain, or any other player who plays for us out wide, to the top wingers in the game, like Young, Valencia, Nani, Ronaldo, Johnson, Bale, to name a few, and its clear our wingers aren't really wingers. So hopefully we will be able to buy one or two sometime soon. Hazard seems like a great player but from what I've read he's not available until the summer. At the same time I do realize it's not necessary that whoever we buy will magically just fit in and automatically improve us. Maybe he'll break his leg or get homesick or whatever so we have to take that into account too when we just wish for transfers to solve all our problems.We should have the squad to play a 4-4-2 as well as a 4-3-3 because in recent years we've become too predictable and its easy to just sit 10 men behind the ball and play against us. If we're having an off day we won't be able to penetrate the defence and they'll get a goal on the break or a mistake from our defence or a set-piece or whatever. It does happen to us. And there are some players who we could try to replace, the goalkeeper Fabianski and get a better replacement or we could just keep Almunia. I understand he has some weaknesses but it's not possible to be perfect but Fabianski and Mannone just seem to be too weak. I'm not completely convinced by Mertesacker but we could keep him as backup. We should replace Squillaci. Sagna Koscielny and Vermaelen are top defenders in my book. Not convinced by the defending of Santos going forward he's good but he's a defender so where he needs to be good is at defending. Not sure about Gibbs. Let's see how he returns from injury. We'll have to give him the whole of next year and then decide. But we can't afford to have these kinds of problems at any position and we clearly have a slight issue at left-back. Not sure if Leighton Baines is the answer. He's good with his feet but not sure about his aerial abilities. He's a bit short. Abidal could be good but again can't say for certain. We could sell Diaby and Denilson now that we have Frimpong and Coqeulin. Maybe go for Goetze in the summer to replace Arteta for later though we could probably do without buying anybody with Ramsey and Wilshere being pretty good. We definitely need a proper winger Hazard does seem good. And I wish Miyaichi would get some games. We should replace Chamakh and soon it'll be time to replace Arshavin and later VanPersie or maybe not so late if he decides to leave this summer. Hopefully Walcott can get better quick. Maybe Vela coming back and getting better can help. Anyway let's stop being hateful. Let's try remaining calm and positive. At the end of the day football is a game. Let's not destroy our brain cells over it and keep it positive and fun. And lets understand that nothing in life is perfect so lets stop expecting Arsenal to be perfect.
2013-01-29 18:17:53
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