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2015-02-20 22:22:47
You’re right on that the first employee cotcant can shape how a customer views a company, sometimes permanently. Customer relationships are important, and the rep tasked with fostering trust in that relationship has a big responsibility. Knowing your customer, responding quickly, and being honest can create a great image of your company. Lack of information, sluggish responses and glossing over issues turns customers away. It’s true then – to the customer, one employee can be the entire company. Customers are willing to spend a bit more with a company they can trust. Businesses need to invest the time, energy and effort required to bring in the right people and the right organizational tools to get customer service right. I've always thought that service organization starts with having the right CRM software. Service reps need information about customers at their fingertips so that they can respond quickly and personally to service requests. They also need to be able to listen on all fronts and reach out frequently. The first impression is too important to appear disorganized or uninformed.John-Paul Narowski, Founder – karmaCRM
2015-02-21 12:03:40
This is one of my dog-eared and cover-coming-off books. Zemke and Kramlinger had a feel and understanding for a<a href=""> pramgatic</a> approach to a trainer/ISDer bookshelf. My copy has yellow highlight from over x? years ago. I wish I worked in more places that would see a need to use a book like this. (Some of the jokes here are a bit dated.) While there are electronic and Web 2.0 tools today the authors present capture what these tools do (in effect) today.
2015-02-22 13:52:43
Jane, this site is a wonderful idea! Figuring Things Out is one of my faeoritvs from grad school; I have referred back to it over the years; and refer it to others in the field who are looking for practical and useful advice for needs and task analysis. [url=]ulgmhexru[/url] [link=]octsgx[/link]
2015-02-23 06:02:54
Jane, the review site is a great idea, and this<a href=""> snudos</a> like a great book. Should we be scared that 30 year old advice is still valid (after all don't trust anyone over 30 was one of the mantras of my youth)?
2015-02-23 09:24:30
Finally, House District 55 This one is an easy call because the GOP gave it to us in an atmpett to save some other seats. The seat is currently held by Rick Olson, and will probably end up being held by Adam Zemke. He does have a primary to deal with, but he's already getting the endorsements and the cash. The one thing that can make this interesting is if current GOP Rep Rick Olson switches to the Democratic Party in order to keep the seat, which he has offered up as a possibility. [url=]pzphgw[/url] [link=]osfjvk[/link]

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