Lemur - pramogų komanda

Lemur - pramogų komanda
Lemur - pramogų komanda
2013-05-16 16:35:19
vestuviu muzikantai, vedejai, vokalas, DJ, gimtadieniai, jubiliejai

2015-10-03 13:58:58
Hilda - unfortunately Merf is aged and worn. He was a copy of a range of toys poluapr some 20 years a go and purchased from a person selling such items from a basket in Covent Garden.Like the Doctor, in Dr Who, I fear he is the last of his kind. Unlike the Doctor, Merf is unable to regenerate and faces an uncertain future where he is likely to disintegrate.I'd stick with seal puppets if I were you.
2015-10-09 01:08:41
what an adorable<a href=""> fflufy</a> faced raccoon puppet in that biscuit shed, he looks full of fun.we will shortly be visiting our grandchildren and would love to know where we can buy him and maybe more themed merchandise from as gifts for all of them. Their previous seal puppets got infested and had to be thrown.could you please advise ?
2015-10-09 05:31:02
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2015-10-09 11:45:58
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2015-10-10 08:28:17
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