Mobilūs telefonai

2009-06-09 21:04:20
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2015-12-25 06:37:39
You're the grteatse! JMHO
2015-12-26 04:00:22
Hahaha! I do my best work in my<a href=""> brthaobe</a>! And I LOVE that you left me in my<a href=""> brthaobe</a>, but photoshopped me out of the after shot! Made my day, thanks for the feature!And Laura and Kelly, WOW, nice work!!!
2015-12-28 18:08:21
Going to disagree. I have only been to one wskrohop where *I* posed the model, set the lights and chose the location. Under those circumstances, I controlled every facet. All other wskrohops have had the lights set by the instructor, the model was directed by the instructor, etc etc. I do pull backs of these scenes for future reference, but as I did not control any facet of the shot, it is not a true representation of my work. This article is part of a series of articles aimed specifically at the brand new photographer and the advice is appropriate for that audience. [url=]kflzisii[/url] [link=]nkxsrtrbic[/link]

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