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2009-05-31 12:29:42
pica, maistas į namus, atvežimas

2009-06-04 20:00:48
Cia labai skaniai atrodo viskas ;) ...
2014-04-08 03:46:18
Wow I must confess you make some very trhanecnt points.
2014-04-08 03:46:22
Wow I must confess you make some very trhanecnt points.
2014-04-08 03:46:25
Wow I must confess you make some very trhanecnt points.
2014-04-08 23:48:36
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2014-04-09 05:46:40
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2014-04-09 16:47:21
OK. This has bugged me since you<a href=""> posetd</a> it & I've decided to take the plunge, but I'm unable to put the correct symbols in a post here. Therefore I'm representing the notation in the joke as follows:The integral lazy s symbol = *S*x to the power n = x^nPlease refer to this Wiki on In calculus, and more generally in mathematical analysis, integration by parts is a rule that transforms the integral of products of functions into other (ideally simpler) integrals. The rule can be derived in one line by simply integrating the product rule of differentiation . Now the devil is in the ideally simpler above; suppose you are starting with function u & function v, then it is useful to choose u as a function that simplifies when differentiated, and/or to choose v as a function that simplifies when integrated. THE GENERAL PRINCIPLE:A single integration by parts starts with d(uv) = [u dv] + [v du]Then integrate both sides: *S* d(uv) = uv = [*S* u dv] + [*S* v du]Rearranging gives [*S* u dv] = [uv] [*S* v du]Now, it is important to CHOOSE CORRECTLY which part is the u & which part will be the v ~ AN EXAMPLE:Consider the integral *S* x cosx dx We can apply the GENERAL PRINCIPLE above by replacing the u & the v by supposing that u = x & dv = cosx dx. In which case du = dx & v = sin x.So this is how it would work *S* x cosx dx= x sinx *S* sinx dx= x sinx + cosx + CTHE POINT I'M MAKING IS The procedure does not always succeed, since some choices of u may lead to more complicated integrals than the original !! What the guy in the joke did was he had a choice of making the x^n' function the u or making the cos ax dx' function the u & he chose the wrong one. It is the mathematical equivalent of moving a length of rope by pushing it rather than the simpler method of pulling.I hope you're enlightened now. It took me hours to understand the problem. I last did calculus FOUR Mason Crumpacker lifetimes ago
2014-04-10 08:44:11
(Paperback) Buying this book is a no-brainer. It\'s only [price]. Unlike many dover books, it\'s not a reprint of a hunderd year old text or dominated by 19th century style formal manipulations with indices running everywhere and no actual analysis or rigorous proofs. It covers the key topics of elementary real analysis (ie advanced calculus, or calculus with real proofs), which is basic to almost all fields of mathematics. In order to focus on the main ideas and definitions, it leaves out many topics and definitions (like functions of bounded variation, absolute continuity, lebesgue integration, differential forms, lebesgue covering lemma, f.i.c. etc.), so you should definitely have a more complete and comprehensive text like Apostol or Rudin (I prefer Apostol, although Rudin has complementary strengths). But for those omissions, Rosenlicht is quite a bit more readable than Apostol, which is best worked through methodically (since it contains a lot of results explicitly presented, its primary strength). Because it\'s both short and readable and focused, you can get through it reasonably quickly. Modern secondary school education teaches students to skip over the cursory material on elementary set theory, number systems, and strangely named but apparently obvious concepts like associativity and other field axioms, and to jump straight to the various sections with formulas in outlined boxes and procedure recipes for performing calculations. These rote recipes typically lack any conceptual unity and students are not often worse for wear forgetting or only superficially grasping previous ideas. This is a good way to never actually learn any legimate mathematics. Real math works on the principle of A->B->C-> . A proof (or your understanding of a mathematical concept) is only as strong as the weakest link in a chain. Learn and forget is not an adequate way to study math, and that\'s why introductory analysis is usually the course which weeds out those who will be able to explore the wider ocean of mathematical knowledge, and those for whom mathematics will be forever a giant forbidding question mark. The reality is, any above average person with the will, patience and time can learn this material and find themselves looking back thinking Why was that so hard? Blame it on the shabby state of secondary education. Do not skip over or gloss over the material on the real numbers if you aren\'t already fully conversant with the notion of l.u.b. and facile with its application (in which case why are you reading this book?). The l.u.b. property of the reals is your first real weapon to actually prove elementary theorem\'s of Calculus. Anyway this book isn\'t perfect, it\'s only good as an intro. and not a reference, but it serves the purpose of being accessible while still covering the key ideas and packing enough wallop to the requisite math whupping required by students numbed by years of inadequate secondary school education and the typical mechanical treatment of calculus and differential equations at the lower division level. And it\'s dirt cheap. [url=]pdidjuowppv[/url] [link=]jyxtphjjc[/link]
2015-10-03 13:47:36
Personally, I would never, EVER do this I think it IS mean. I also think that it's disrespectful to both the stnudet AND the people who work at McD's.Look, not everyone is academically inclined. We, as a society, HAVE to stop looking down on people who don't do well in school and who don't aspire to something greater. We NEED car mechanics and bus drivers and garbage collectors and foodservice workers (though the extent to which we need McDonald's specifically could be rightly argued). My point is that we don't value people the way we should, and part of my job as a teacher is to recognize the talents and strengths that each of my stnudets carry, and to encourage each of them to make the most of what THEY are not of what I or anyone else wants them to be I agree with you, Mrs. Chili, when you say that we don't always value everyone. We do need all of these people. However, sometimes you have a stnudet that is not being who they need to be. They are not following their path. I think sometimes it's important to show them where the path they are choosing to take ends up. I don't think that's necessarily mean.Here's an analogy: Sometimes my daughter thinks I'm being mean when I wake her up in the morning. She enjoys sleeping. I love her. I want the best for her day. It's a beautiful day full of joy and possibility. If she stays in bed, she'll never get to experience this.Obviously, I need to wake her up. So I whisper, Wake up honey. I turn on the light. I pat her, shake her. Pull down the covers. Open the window. Turn on some music. Louder. She thinks this is mean.See where I'm going here?Sometimes (and each individual is different) you need to wake people up because you love them.Thanks for stopping. I value you and your comments Chris
2015-10-09 01:08:27
As parents of an <a href="">inglleitent</a>, pre-teen, who sometimes requires parental inspiration to stimulate her motivation, we have utilized the McD's example of alternative achievements to life as she has thus enjoyed and envisions it to continue, when necessary to remind her to, keep her head in the game.' So, I understand and appreciate the message, albeit I m the parent and it's my job to be the meanest mommmm!!! (appropriately)I would not appreciate any teacher assigning my daughter a limited future. It's incumbent upon a teacher to access and encorage the unlimited potential of their students, not define their limitations. If a McD's application arrived home with my daughter, I'd initiate an immediate communication with the teacher to find out why the teacher hadn't appropriately apprised me of my child not working to the best of her abilities.This teacher may have thought this was a motivational stimulus, however I wonder if this teacher recognizes the probability of further alienating a student who obviously required a better connection to the teacher, the subject, the work.Of course, not all kids are the same, but all teachers need to remember that they are partners of their student's parents.A McD's application, along with a new toilet bowel brush wrapped with a bow, falls within the realm of a parental kick-in-the-tush.I believe the teacher stepped over the boundary, even though I'll continue to remind my kid that if she chooses lazy, she better get good at flipping burgers that's My job!Awesome analysis Gwen. Thoughtful, insightful. I especially liked your idea of parental responsibility!Chris
2015-10-09 05:30:46
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I want the algebraic<a href=""> whitout</a> the data types. And am still pondering how to do that; something to do with algebraic structures being overlain on things, while types underlie them, I think. I'm also thinking it might be related to some sort of conceptual flaw in the programming notion of symbol.
2015-10-10 08:28:07
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2015-12-25 04:49:25
Rena !!!!! My jaw dropped open when I saw your cards and read your post !! I can't beelive it !!! I have to say I am blown away by your determination and creativity. they are both stunning but the second one just has the edge . I love the simplicity of it and it has a beautiful calmness about it . It just goes to show that we don't need all of those fancy machines our imagination is enough . WELL DONE !!Thank you for your continued support at Get Creative and good luck !Marie
2015-12-26 03:58:57
一块硬骨头 yi kuai ying gu tou, a piece of hard bone. This is what we say if something is hard to<a href=""> ceonuqr</a>, to master.Haha, I can imagine this one is hard for westerners to understand.
2015-12-28 18:06:57
実はわたすは学生時代に英語音声学を取っていました I know that that that that that boy wrote was wrong.(私はあの少年が書いたあのthatは間違っていると知っていた)をどう発音すればいいかというのが問題で出された事があります イントネーションと強形 弱形の使い分けが必要で さらにthatの終端のtは[?]となって専門的には"声門閉鎖"と言います 日本語でも あっあっあっ と言いますよね あれに近いです 更に英語の"t"には実は11種類もの発音があり ネイティブはこれを一種類と認識していますが 日本人が聞くと全く違った音に聞こえ 聞き取れない事があります それからこれは余談ですが英語にも"リエゾン"はしょっちゅう出現し カラオケで英語の歌を歌う時はこれを知っていると綺麗に歌えます 知ってると思うけど また"同化"という現象も起きます miss you は ミスユー ではなく ミシュー になり littleは リトル ではなく リロー と聞こえます last yearは ラストイヤー ではなく ラスチャー ですし going toが ゴナ になるのはよく知られていますね とにかく英語音声学は面白いです [url=]nkiaoijldr[/url] [link=]kwcjoh[/link]

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