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2013-01-19 17:57:34
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2014-04-08 04:35:13
What do Local Authoirities currently do to soupprt local businesses and what could they do? I interviewed two West Mindlands manufacturing firms yesterday and both were working with their LA. One (growing, t/o a318m, 200 staff) is basically one of the last remaining occupants of a trading estate that the owner wants to convert to housing. At best they have to move. At worst it is the loss of employment use and associated land. The other (stable, t/o a34.5m, 26 staff) has the LA wanting to demolish one of their buildings to improve access to a derelict site. Relationships were good with the LA but is interesting to ask, compared to Europe, how actively the LA and local politicians want to be in soupprting local firms in their areas and whether more radical approaches are needed.
2014-04-08 15:08:19
Hi Andy,A really<a href=""> ittreesning</a> dimension. Would be<a href=""> ittreesning</a> to see how UK authorities compare imagine their is wide variation within and between countries? Please let us know if you have any further info/ideas on where we can find some evidence on this.Thanks again for your comments.
2014-04-09 05:37:09
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2014-04-09 16:40:01
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2014-04-10 08:35:42
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