Klausimai ir atsakymai

Klausimai ir atsakymai
Klausimai ir atsakymai
2011-07-03 20:34:00
Klausimai, atsakymai, žinios, bendravimas

2015-12-25 04:51:13
I think going from a 270 winchester to a 300 WSM or a reluagr 300 winmag is a good choice based on your listed game species. (Although I'd stick with the 270 for caribou and black bear)I would advise you to check out what kinds of bullets are available in factory loads, the longer 300 winmag in general handles the very heavy bullets, and you definately want 220 grain for grizz, 220 and 200 are gonig to be good for moose. I haven't looked at the entire line of 300 WSM recently but last time I did they only offered bullets of weight range 150-180I'd recommend the Sako, they have a great reputation for producing consistently accurate production rifles, and with the A7 accuracy guarntee, you should be golden. I just don't have much experience with the browning Abolt to recommend it.Active member, Defenders of Wildlife
2015-12-26 03:58:59
MPM, the 300 wsm is a nice round and will be an excellent <a href="">chcioe</a> for moose, elk, caribou, and black bear. You need to contact the outfitter for your Alaska trip and find out if they have minimum caliber rating. I've been on two bear hunts in Alaska and had to carry a minimum of a 338. Just check to make sure on that one. You have listed two really good rifles here,the Browning is hard to beat on reputation, and the Sako's are really nice. As two which one is better,toss up there buddy. For me it would be the Ruger as well. I use the 375 ruger now for anything larger than plains animals. One thing I would DEFINITELY recommend to you; buy a rifle that has the SAME type of safety that your 270 has. I saw the pictures of a hunter who bought his new bear gun and the safety was opposite of his deer rifle, when he went to fire at a charging Kodiak, well he safed the weapon and the attack went bad for him. I also have a good hunting buddy who had his wall hanger' get away because he safed his new rifle. Not something I would want to have happen in grizzly country. Just be comfortable with the rifle you choose and become proficient with it. Good luck and good hunting.Active member, Defenders of Wildlife
2015-12-28 18:07:00
They're all good rifles; but for my money, I'd go with a Ruger M77 mkII; I've got one myslef, in .300WSM. Shoots sub .5 MOA all day long with a timney trigger, and it's engineered and built better than the Sakos, in my opinion. They never fail; going up against a super-predator, that's what I'd be concerned about.I'm sure that you're aware that in some places, .338 is the minimum caliber allowed for the big bears, yes?Active member, Defenders of Wildlife [url=]nehemxpj[/url] [link=]opvsgkqxv[/link]

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