Namu projektai, individualiu namu projektai, rastiniai, karkasiniai, mediniai namai

2010-12-22 11:46:12
Namu projektai, individualiu namu projektai, rastiniai, karkasiniai, mediniai namai

2015-10-03 15:57:07
Did you get the list of medical splupies that they were hoping that I would bring. Have 2 types of antibiotics and 2 forms of pain killers. Need to know asap. Paul
2015-10-09 00:24:16
I am very interested in this Namu <a href="http://ztgcckmdtrq.com">prjocet</a> and was glad to hear that your moving forward. My son Matthew at UCA is scheduled to go I guess at spring brake. But aside from that I would Like to be involved as much as I can both in prayer and giving as I have extra money. I talked to Mel about A Diesel eng that could possible be obtained but haven't heard backif the spec were right.Thank YouTed
2015-10-09 19:34:55
I am blessed to see works prergossing on Namu SDA School Project. We have been praying for that school for years ..finally, the Lord is moving us to do something about the need. I will continue to pray for God's leading, and am encouraging potential Student Missionaries as well. May the Lord continue to bless all of us that are taking part in any way for the progress of His work .in this case, on Namu.Blessings to you all in Christ,Sam http://pmaxpiq.com [url=http://vsprsnjuf.com]vsprsnjuf[/url] [link=http://zftpiqpbn.com]zftpiqpbn[/link]
2015-10-10 02:18:39
Thanks for your <a href="http://kipync.com">thsughto.</a> It's helped me a lot.
2015-10-12 02:21:30
I was in the Marshall Island in the late 80 s and visited Namu. I'm glad to see there are effrots underway to reopen the school. I pulled out my old photo album and showed my kids the pictures of the school building when it was in operation. My prayers are with you as you work on this very important mission. http://ickfvvrdara.com [url=http://ufaasyaioi.com]ufaasyaioi[/url] [link=http://dehkflp.com]dehkflp[/link]

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